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3 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Products in 2022

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Analysts value the global cannabis market at $25.65 billion. By 2030, they predict the market’s value will reach $176 billion.

In the last few years, cannabis products have proliferated and diversified. In some states, medical marijuana’s legality is tenuous. Yet, offshoot products in the wellness industry still sell well.

In the coming year, social groups will increasingly accept THC and CBD use. That includes:

  • Recreational strains
  • Products that aim to alleviate pain
  • Tinctures that improve focus

These use cases vary. Thus, consumers will increasingly call on developers to create precise, accurately labeled products. These calls are the foundation of everything you need to know about cannabis in 2022.

1. Cannabis’ Market Growth is Cross-Sectional—But Wellness Sectors Lead

Today, wellness sectors dominate the global cannabis market. Pharmaceutical companies are a close second.

The wellness sector boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Wellness brands offer hope to people who want stress relief now more than ever, with their focus on:

  • Self-care
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Personal empowerment

White label cannabis companies increasingly meet this demand. They create a diverse array of products ready for personalization and branding.

In essence, white-label developers cultivate and design products. Then, they sell the products wholesale to smaller businesses. Those businesses handle the marketing and branding end of things, which typically includes:

  • Conducting regional market research
  • Cannabis product design and branding
  • Cannabis product packaging

These partnerships serve the current popular desire to support local businesses. Yet, they maintain a high degree of quality assurance.

Wellness trends have spurred the popularity of cannabis compounds elsewhere. As 2022 continues, expect increased demand for:

  • Cannabis beauty products
  • Cannabis-based textiles
  • Cannabis hobby kits
  • Cannabis-derived baking ingredients

Specifics will vary by region.

2. Cannabinoid Diversity Matters: More Terpenes, CBG in Cannabis Products

As the market for cannabis products broadens, so does the nature of demand.

In previous eras, the demand for cannabis was synonymous with a demand for THC. THC is the best-known psychoactive compound in cannabis.

But, botanists estimate that the cannabis plant has over 100 cannabinoids. No randomized control trials have isolated the specific impact of each cannabinoid compound.

As a result, people often seek a specific effect from cannabis. But, they don’t know which cannabinoids cause that effect.

Broadly, growers call the many compounds in a cannabis plant “terpenes.” Growers call the impact of a group of terpenes on the body an “entourage effect.” As cannabis’ popularity grows, so does the demand for specific entourage effects.

Increasingly, companies will create cannabis product testing jobs. These workers will evaluate the impact of different cannabinoids and terpenes. Companies of all sizes will increasingly conduct their own research. This lets them develop unique products with specific effects.

3. Tech Innovations Spur Growth, Accessibility, Acceptance

Engineers continue to create new technologies. This makes cannabis more accessible for consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Companies hiring for cannabis product tester jobs, and cannabis production jobs, can empower employees with sophisticated cannabinoid analytics machines.

Devices like the GemmaCert can examine cannabis plant material to determine the ratios of different compounds. This helps:

  • Get consumers exactly what they want,
  • Keep companies legal
  • Alert developers to potentially dangerous developments (like mold growth)

You can read about GemmaCert to learn more about how it works. The technology’s affordability makes it easier to start a cannabis-based business. The more local businesses there are, the more communities begin to accept cannabis as a whole.

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