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3 Reasons to Hire Lawn Seeding Services for Your Lawn

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Is your lawn full of patchy brown spots despite a healthy dose of spring rain? Failing to keep your grass looking its best can bring down the rest of your property — and lead to a costly overhaul of your lawn. You’re better off investing in regular lawn seeding to keep your grass greener!

Read on to learn three reasons to hire lawn seeding services for your lawn.

1. Better Lawn Care Creates Stronger Curb Appeal

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home any time soon, you still want it to look good. Thick, lush grass will boost the curb appeal of any home. That’s why investing in a lawn seeding service makes sense for the bigger picture.

Spreading seeds over an existing lawn will help revive brown areas and thicken existing grass. Not to mention, newer grass seeds come in a greater number of varieties than sod. Rather than ripping out an existing lawn, you’re better off strengthening and diversifying it with new seeds.

2. Lawn Seeding Services Use Better Seeds

The best lawn care service will use seeds that beat those you can find at a hardware store. Cheaper seeds tend to have crop or weed seeds mixed in. These fillers dilute the quality and performance of a given batch.

A better seed mix will have a higher germination rate, too. If the germination rate is 85%, 85 out of 100 seeds will turn into grass. And that’s a high rate of success!

Applying seeds and nitrogen fertilizer can result in perfect conditions for grass to thrive. A good lawn care service will go a step further and aerate your soil, too.

Aeration perforates your soil. This, in turn, creates small pockets to accept the grass seedlings so they can grow roots. Lawn seeding services will know the proper order of operations and even check in with follow-up care.

3. Keep Your Lawn Healthier with Seeding Services

When late summer rolls around, make a point of enlisting lawn seeding services. Overseeding your lawn at this point in the year, or even in early autumn, primes it for recovery from a hot summer. The gentle rainfall of late summer is ideal for promoting grass growth.

The soil will be better for germination given the cooler evening temperatures. Plus, if you have an old and established lawn, it never hurts to introduce new and more resilient seeds. You’ll help keep away diseases that could wreak havoc on your grass.

Lawn seeding companies will also know which grass types are best for your lawn. For instance, Kentucky Bluegrass grows well on midwestern lawns. Tall Fescue, which can tolerate heat, is a better choice in southern states.

Make Lawn Care Maintenance a Priority

Hiring lawn seeding services makes a lot of sense when you want to keep your grass healthy. You’ll enhance your property with a lush blanket of grass. And with high-quality seeds, your lawn care service will provide more effective results.

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