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3 Predictions About the Future of Florida Weed Legalization

Ever since medical marijuana became legal in 2015, more Floridians have been taking advantage of cannabis healing. Currently, there are over 440,000 medical marijuana patients in the entire state. These patients need to have a qualifying condition and hold an FL medical marijuana card in order to purchase marijuana.

But what about Florida weed legalization? Will Florida go the extra step in legalizing marijuana completely, where anyone can access marijuana legally, not only MMJ patients? We don’t know for a fact, but there are a few predictions. And with a new gubernatorial election next year, there are talks of legal marijuana on the polls.

Whether or not you’re a cannabis user, it’s important to stay updated with marijuana laws in FL. Here are a few predictions about Florida weed legalization.

Florida Weed Legalization: Where We Stand Now

As of now, there is a bill to legalize marijuana for adults 21 years and older. The bill was introduced at the beginning of the year and will allow all adults to purchase marijuana without a medical marijuana card. In addition, residents will be able to grow marijuana in their homes.

There are some restrictions. For example, adults will only be able to purchase 2.5 ounces of marijuana and you won’t be able to smoke cannabis in a public area.

By far the most groundbreaking aspect of the law is how those previously convicted of selling marijuana will be able to petition in court for a re-sentencing. The bill, unfortunately, didn’t pass in the Florida Supreme Court, so it will be added to the next election ballot in 2022.

Will It Pass?

We can’t predict the future, unfortunately. Since it may be on the ballot in 2022, Florida marijuana legalization lies in the hands of the citizens. The majority of Florida voters support marijuana legalization, which is a positive sign.

Surprisingly, marijuana legalization has been introduced to the chamber for previous elections. Unfortunately, only bills with single issues can be placed on election ballots. Past marijuana legalization bills have covered multiple issues, which is why this bill is just coming up on the polls now.

What You Can Do Now?

If you have a qualifying medical condition, you can become a medical marijuana patient. You’ll also have to be a legal Florida resident and need permission from a qualified FL marijuana doctor. How do you schedule an appointment with a doctor? You’ll start by filling out medicinal marijuana forms.

From here, you receive your medical marijuana card. You’ll need this card to purchase cannabis. From here, you can purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

The Future of Florida Weed Legalization Is Unknown

Many Floridians use medical marijuana to improve their medical conditions. But what about Florida weed legalization? Right now, there is a bill that will legalize marijuana for all Florida adults. Unfortunately, it was rejected by the Supreme Court, so the law is now in the hands of Florida voters.

There’s a chance the bill will be included on the ballot during the 2022 gubernatorial election. While we can’t predict the future, the majority of Florida voters do support marijuana legalization.

Continue reading our blog for more news and future predictions.

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