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3 Mistakes With Buying Boots and How to Avoid Them

If the average woman owns around 19 pairs of shoes, one of those should be a good pair of boots.

Boots are the only shoes that can take you from day to night, from work to the bar, from season to season. They are more formal than sneakers and more casual than heels or brogues. Boots are versatile and can last you years.

But if you need to replace your boots all the time, you might be making the same common mistakes with buying boots over and over again. You’ll spend more in the long run and will never be 100% satisfied.

Want to know what these mistakes are so you can stop making them? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

1. Picking the Wrong Size

When was the last time you measured your feet?

If you find that different types of boots pinch your feet, it’s worth remeasuring them to make sure you’re choosing the right sizes. This guide will teach you how to measure your feet at home.

One of the easiest mistakes with buying boots that many make is to not size up by either a half or one whole size. If you often wear thick socks with your boots, you should size up.

Buying boots abroad? Different countries use different boot sizes so make sure you’re using an accurate size conversion chart. Other countries don’t have different sizes for genders like the US, either, so keep that in mind.

2. Not Considering Material

Suede looks pretty in the shop window but it won’t look so pretty after a day or two in the rain. And those $40 boots might seem like a good idea now, but the cheap plastic material will soon fall apart.

Either buy leather boots or high-quality vegan leather boots. Unless you’re buying rubber boots or hiking boots, there aren’t many other good alternatives.

Choose lace-ups over zips as they will be more durable. And if you are buying boots for labor, consider boots with steel toe caps for safety.

3. Choosing Style Over Substance

Those heeled Chelsea boots look great in the office, but they aren’t ideal for walking the dogs through muddy fields when you get home. And when you think about it, won’t standing in heels all day every day hurt your feet?

Only choosing popular boot brands and styles might mean forsaking wearing comfortable boots. Trends come and go, but good boots can last you years.

Here are some good alternatives to fast fashion brands:

Make sure you are comparing boot prices before you buy to get the best deal, too.

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Buying Boots

It’s natural to get excited about a beautiful pair of shoes and not think through your decision. But being rash will only lead to blisters and a bruised bank account.

But now you know the common mistakes with buying boots, you can avoid them the next time you see a pair you like.

Upgrading your wardrobe and need more style tips? Our website has tons of fashion and lifestyle articles to help you make good choices!

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