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3 Great Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed Right Now

It’s no secret that Americans love having a clean car but did you know that about 20 percent of car wash sales are from detailing services?

Auto detailing keeps your vehicle in its best possible cosmetic condition. Contaminants are removed from the inside and the car is polished completely on the outside. If you’re wondering why you should get a car detailed over a regular wash, this guide will break it down.

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Higher Resell Value

Believe it or not but having your car detailed can boost the resale value upwards of 15 percent!

There’s no doubt that a well-maintained car is likely to sell more than one that has been minimally cared for. When a potential buyer comes to look at your vehicle and sees that it’s been detailed, they’ll know the car was cared for and it will increase the chances of purchase.

The cost to get a car detailed is low so even if it doesn’t feel worthwhile at first, know that it makes a huge difference when you’re ready to sell your car.

Protect Your Investment

Maybe you aren’t interested in selling your car but you’re looking for the best way to keep it spotless. Although it’s always great to keep a regular cleaning schedule for your vehicle, getting a car detailed annually or bi-annually protects the investment you made on your car.

Whether you purchased a brand new sports car or a humble used car, hard-earned money was spent. You likely waited for years to buy your car and having it detailed is a great way to keep it looking good. In some cases, detailing can make a used car look better than before.

Think of detailing like any other maintenance, it’s done to keep your car looking its best.

Once you’re ready to make an appointment, you’ll want to call the best car detailers around. Mr. Refurbisher is your one-stop-shop for a car transformation unlike any other. Learn more here!

Prevent Indoor Odor

This may seem obvious but one of the biggest benefits of car detailing is that it can get rid of and prevent interior odor.

Various things cause odors, anything from lotions, dust or food can stick to the interior of your car. Many of these causes are unavoidable, they occur from events in everyday life. Unfortunately, once that scent lingers long enough, it can be tricky to get rid of.

Regular cleaning is important in preventing odors from becoming difficult to remove but certain scents soak into your car’s interior easier than others. For example, smoke odor is extremely difficult to prevent once it’s it’s latched to the interior of your car.

If you haven’t been able to keep up with regular cleaning, there are different types of car detailing that can help remove indoor odor and prevent it from latching. It’s hard to beat the feeling of entering a clean, fresh car.

Why Get a Car Detailed?

A detailed car wash goes beyond your regular soap and sponge. It makes your vehicle look flawless by cleaning the interior and exterior. There’s no automated system doing the cleaning, instead, experienced detailers will handwash your car.

Protecting your investment, increasing your resell value, and preventing indoor odor are some of the best reasons to get a car detailed.

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