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3 Factors to Consider When Picking Disability Lawyers

Looking to hire a disability lawyer but not sure how to choose to best one?

Filing for disability benefits can be a long and stressful process, especially if you do it alone. So, it’s best you have a disability lawyer to assist you from the start.

But picking disability lawyers can be a big task in itself. That’s why you need to consider three important factors first before hiring someone.

In this article, we’ll share what these factors are and highlight the types of questions you need to be asking. By following this guide, you’ll be able to make a wise decision and have a greater chance of a successful claim.

  1. Fees and Charges

Comparing lawyer fees is one of the first things you should start with.

Certain disability lawyers will charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. If they charge a flat fee, ask about what it covers and whether there may be additional charges depending on the length of the case.

Whereas if they charge hourly, ask for an estimate of what you may be billed by the end. This allows you to weigh up your options to see who is more cost-efficient.

Finally, some other lawyers may offer a contingency fee, meaning you only pay if you win. If so, find out what percentage they take so you can analyze it carefully.

  1. Who Will Take On My Case?

Sometimes the person you’re talking to isn’t the lawyer who will be representing you. So, it’s important to find out the answer to this question early on.

If it’s not going to be them, ask to speak to the attorney who will be assigned to your case.

This gives you a chance to find out about their experience and credentials, plus, you can determine whether they’ll be a good fit for you.

  1. How Long Could the Case Take?

It’s important to know how long they expect the entire process to last.

When filing a disability claim on your own, it can take much longer than when you’re being represented by a lawyer. But, this doesn’t mean there still won’t be delays.

You should ask for an estimate on how long they think it will take, so you can prepare yourself. Often claims take months to conclude, especially if you have to appeal.

Finally, for more information about them, then read some testimonials. These give you an insight into previous cases and how successful they were.

Important Factors to Consider When Picking Disability Lawyers

We feel these are the most important factors to consider before picking disability lawyers. By considering these carefully, you’ll hopefully hire the right lawyer for you.

Finally, remember to take your time and don’t be rushed into making a decision. The wrong choice could result in a failed claim.

Finally, check out the rest of our blog for legal tips and advice.

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