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3 Beautiful Benefits of Buying Jewelry for Yourself

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Anna opens a box with her brand new paperclip earrings she received in the mail. There is a gift note in the box that reads, “Congrats on your new promotion! From: Anna.”

Anna represents the thousands of women who are saying goodbye to antiquated shopping ideologies. Women are buying jewelry for themselves these days. Here’s why you should too.

1. Buying Jelwery to Celebrate Life’s Milestones

Buying jewelry for yourself is the perfect way to celebrate life’s milestones. creates meaningful jewelry by women for women, one piece at a time.

You can treat yourself to a piece of jewelry each time you accomplish an important milestone. If you get your dream job, a promotion, or accomplish a challenging goal, you need to celebrate your own successes just as much as anyone else.

That’s why it is so important to spoil yourself with some nice jewelry. It stimulates a psychological rewards system that motivates and inspires you- it’s much more than a material gift.

2. Propel Feminism

If you’ve ever daydreamed about your significant other buying you this or that expensive diamond piece, forget daydreaming. We want to be clear; there is absolutely nothing wrong with a significant other or special someone buying you jewelry. It makes a great gift.

But women are raised with the expectation that the only way to get diamonds is through their men. But we’re here to tell you that is not the only way.

Women control about 33% of financial assets. While the gender wealth gap is omnipresent, women are generating wealth for themselves today more than ever before in history.

This means independence to spend on themselves as they wish. Financial independence means new freedoms for women and deciding when and how their hard-earned money is spent. If that’s a nice pair of earrings, more power to you!

3. It’s An Investment That Pays Itself Back

Buying jewelry is unlike buying any other thing for yourself like clothes, perfume, or shoes. Jewelry is an investment. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be resold to gold and jewelry buyers for sometimes more than what you paid for them.

The resale price always depends on the current metals prices in the market.  It’s an example of how prices can fluctuate due to economic impacts felt from political, societal, and supply chain shifts.

Unlike an unwanted pair of used jeans, you can turn a profit on your jewelry or at least get just about what you paid for it. Or you can pass it down through generations.

We have some tips for buying jewelry that has a high return on investment when sold in the future. Check out the four buying jewelry tips:

  1. Heavier pieces are worth more
  2. Gold has more value than silver
  3. Buy whole gemstones
  4. White diamonds hold the most value of gems

Of course, buy pieces that excite you. But jewelry buying for investment requires some of these strategies to make sure you’re buying something that is more valuable than solely fashionable.

Add Some Sparkle for Yourself

Buying jewelry for yourself is an important act of self-care. You can cherish these pieces for years to come, remember your milestones, and empower all women in the process.

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