168 To Be Design: Proving Unmatchable Interior Design & Renovation Services

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Our interior design and renovation company 168 To Be Design was brought to life by a team of engineers, architects, and decorators in 2006.

With our interior design service, we can transform any room or building into a stylish and functional space. From office offices to condos to commercial buildings, we cater to all types of properties.

Our Service

At 168 To Be Design we aim to offer top-notch designing services.

  • Interior design

We specialize in office decoration, brand counter, and commercial buildings shop. With our service, you can turn any dull area into a functional space.

  • Interior design for condos and houses

We can decorate your bedroom, kitchen, and living room just the way you have imagined it.

  • Renovation

We also offer renovation services for all types of commercial buildings including condos, offices, shopping malls, and buildings.

How do we operate?

We follow a very systematic and organized approach. Our team experts provide valuable advice to clients. After the consulting session is over, we go to the measuring area and arrange the space to match the plan.

We then create a 3D room to give you an idea of what the outcome will look like. Once everything is ready, we start with our design and renovation process.

Why choose us?

You will come across many interior services out there. But we have certain qualities that make us better than our competitors.

  • Professional team

We are backed by a team of expert professionals who have enough experience in this field. They can handle all types of projects thrown their way. They also provide advice to help clients get the best results.

  • High-quality materials

We use the highest quality materials for all our clients. This enables us to meet the quality standards demanded by our clients.

  • Top-notch service

As a well-established interior design company, we strive to provide the best quality services to our clients. Our team members work hard until everything is done as per the client’s requirements.

  • Wide range of services

We specialize in all types of interior design projects. From houses to condos to office buildings, we can beautify any property that is assigned to us. We can serve you anywhere in Thailand.

168 To Be Design has been in this field for 15 years. Our experience helps us understand the needs of our clients. We supervise the work from the beginning to the end to ensure you get the best results.

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