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14 Reasons to Buy Metal Buildings

Recent statistics indicate building material costs are up by another 8% in 2022. So, if you’re looking at erecting a building at home or work, cost factors will play a bigger role than ever before.

With this in mind, it’s vital to choose materials that offer the best value for money in terms of construction costs, maintenance, and longevity.

Keep reading to discover more about how metal buildings tick all these boxes and more.

1. A Metal Building Is Cost-Effective

Steel prices underwent rapid increases from 2020 to 2022, but according to the above statistics, steel is now the only material experiencing a downward trend in costs this year.

Price aside, steel has always offered excellent value for money due to many of the factors we’ll discuss below. At the outset, the major saving offered by a metal building is in the time and effort needed for setting up blueprints and assembling the building.

Pre-engineered steel buildings come in pieces and manufacturers ship these pieces directly to your location. They fit into each other seamlessly, resulting in easy, inexpensive transportation.

Most steel buildings have a prefab construction, designed with the help of precise computer programs. These designs maximize the use of materials to reduce costs and simplify construction, thereby reducing labor costs, too.

Thanks to metal’s awesome environmental friendliness, you can look forward to taking advantage of lucrative federal tax incentives, too.

2. Steel Is Strong

Steel is by far the most commonly used metal in construction. That’s because it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.

That means you end up with a strong structure, using fewer materials. Thanks to this, your building’s foundation needs to support less weight, resulting in lower construction costs.

It’s also impervious to dings, scratches, and dents, which contributes to its weather resistance and longevity. Steel construction is sturdy and unlikely to warp or sag over time.

Steel has a proven record of strength dating back to 400 BC. Corrosion is kryptonite to steel, but that’s easily remedied by building with corrosion-treated steel.

3. Pest-Resistant Qualities of Metals

Steels strength and low palatability make it singularly unattractive to gnawing pests like termites, ants, and rats. These creatures quite simply can’t nibble through steel, so they won’t even try.

That means you needn’t worry about treating your building against termites, which reduces costs and lowers the potential chemical emissions from your building.

4. Metals are Fire-Resistant

Metal buildings have a high resistance to fire. Steel is non-combustible and will not feed a fire.

It may warp and eventually melts after extensive exposure to heat, but you’ll have plenty of time to escape before this happens.

When struck by lightning, a properly grounded steel building transfers the current into the earth, reducing the chances of a fire due to lightning strikes.

5. Enjoy Lower Insurance Costs

Without pest damage or fire threatening your building exterior surfaces, your insurance company is likely to offer lower rates on building and business insurance.

This is just one more way metal stands out as a cost-effective building solution.

6. Metal Creates a Healthier Building Interior

Metal buildings provide a healthier indoor environment, especially when coupled with a ventilation system.

Porous, organic materials, like wood, harbor dust, mites, and other allergens. Engineered wood products contain volatile adhesives that can release potentially harmful emissions into the air inside your building.

Mold and mildew feed on organic materials and thrive in an environment made of wood or stone.

Steel does not encourage mold and mildew growth, so your building stays clean and healthy. It does not release any VOCs or outgas in your building and requires no harsh chemical treatments.

7. Metal Buildings Last a Long Time

Steel is a uniform material with no variation when it comes to quality.

If you opt for a prefab metal building, you can rest assured that each element boasts the same high-quality, high-performing structure.

Superior, high-strength screws and bolts ensure your building doesn’t come apart at the seams, for increased reliability when compared to staples and nails.

Metal buildings are extremely long-lived and can last between 50 and 100 years. Instead of spending money on repairing or replacing your building every decade or so, you can extend your metal building as your company grows.

8. Customizable Designs

When you opt for a metal building, it’s easy to take down a wall and add a new section as required. There’s very little time and waste involved, and you don’t need to undertake any demolition.

Metal buildings also offer a wide range of options for doors and windows, and you can have your choice of color when contemplating your exterior and interior design.

See this buyers guide for more ideas on the optional features available with metal buildings.

9. Metal Offers Improved Insulation

Steel is a poor conductor of heat. That means it doesn’t easily let hot air in or out of your building, and also explains the use of metals in thermos flasks.

This is highly beneficial all year round since it keeps warmth inside during winter and outside during summer.

It’s easy to add extra insulation to your metal building to enhance these properties even more. Adding insulation helps damper the sound of rain or hail on your metal roof, and helps lower your energy bills, too.

10. Simple Fast Construction

Pre-designed steel panels arrive ready to go. So, your construction team can have a metal building up and ready for action much faster than a wooden or mortar building.

Pre-formed CE sections require no welding. Your team simply bolts them together.

That means you’ll pay less for labor costs, reduce any interruption to your business, and you can get up and running faster.

Time is money in any business, and you don’t want to waste it while watching concrete dry.

11. Easy Maintenance

With steel, you never have to worry about treating your building against pests or waste time and money cleaning mold and mildew off your building.

Steel framing won’t warp, rot, split, creep, or twist, like wood, does.

It’s advisable to clean your metal building exterior once a year using mild laundry detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and a hose. This will dislodge any foreign material that can spoil the appearance of your building.

You can also power wash your metal building using a low-pressure setting.

Like any building, it’s important to check your gutters and downpipes regularly to avoid a build-up of debris that can lead to corrosion, breakages, and leaks.

You should also keep a look out for loose screws and tighten them to avoid gaps forming in your building’s envelope.

12.  Steel Is Recyclable

Along with iron, steel is the most recycled material on earth. You can re-use or recycle all types of steel, regardless of their previous uses.

Recyclers divide metal scrap into home scrap, industrial scrap, and obsolete scrap which they send to relevant foundries for re-purposing.

Metals are infinitely recyclable, as recyclers lose hardly any material during the process.

What’s more, over 90% of the components used to manufacture steel, i.e. water, slag, gas, and steel dust are also recyclable.

13. Low Environmental Impact

Almost everything mentioned above contributes to steel’s low environmental impact.

The ability to transport more steel in one load means fewer trucks on the road. This translates directly into fewer carbon emissions.

Extreme durability means it takes decades for steel to make its way to a landfill if it ever does. Most steel goes directly to the recycling plant instead.

Excellent insulation qualities reduce the need for air conditioning, reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

The state-of-the-art computer-aided design for prefabricated buildings ensures precise manufacturing processes that waste very few materials. Likewise, there’s no cutting involved in erecting the building, so there’s no waste involved there either.

14. Aesthetics of Metal Buildings

One of the best benefits of metal buildings is their high aesthetic value. These neat, clean designs complement any home or business design thanks to endless customization options.

They rarely look untidy or shabby because they resist all the outside forces that could impact their appearance.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time effort or money to keep maintain your metal building, so it’s easy to keep it looking at its best.

Make the Best Decisions for Your Business

Metal buildings are high-quality, cost-effective, sensible, and customizable solutions for any business. It’s rare to come across a purchase decision that offers so many benefits without the added drawback of high costs.

Whether you want to erect a garden shed, an airplane hangar, or a large warehouse, a metal building is an ideal choice for you.

Would you like to explore more cost-effective solutions for your business? Keep browsing our website for all the best suggestions.

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