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10 Tips for Using a Stash Jar When Growing Cannabis at Home

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You have got your first cannabis seed and have gone through all its different growth phases. Finally, you are ready to start a batch of cannabis in your home.

The next question is, where can you safely store the weed?

There are many ways to store cannabis. The most popular method is using a stash jar.

It has features that could protect your cannabis from light, air, and moisture. No idea how to use one?

Don’t you worry! We got you. Keep reading to learn ten tips for using a stash jar.

1. Choose the Right Size Stash Jar

There are a few things to consider when choosing a stash jar for growing cannabis at home. First, consider the size of your operation.

A mini one will do if you’re only growing a few plants. But if you’re germinating larger quantities, you’ll need a larger jar to store your stash.

Second, think about where you’ll be storing your jar. If space is limited, choose a tiny jug you can put out of the way.

Third, consider the type of cannabis you’re growing. If you’re growing Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, choose a jar with the appropriate size for the number of buds you’re producing.

Finally, think about your budget. Stash jars can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, so choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

2. Make Sure Your Stash Jar Is Airtight

Airtightness is an essential feature of a stash jar. It is a must-have for freshness and potency when storing cannabis.

Properly seal your stash jar to prevent any oxygen or moisture from entering. Exposure to oxygen will cause the THC in your cannabis to degrade. Meanwhile, dampness promotes mold growth.

If you’re unsure if your jar is airtight, test it by placing a piece of cooked pasta inside. If the pasta is still soft after a few hours, it is not airtight. You should find a better storage solution.

In addition, you can choose a glass stash jar because it can offer airtightness. Most people consider it the ideal material for a pot.

But if you are worried about breakage, you can also find them made from food-grade silicone. Look for these features of jars to ensure that your stash is safe.

3. Clean Your Stash Jar Regularly

It is essential to keep your stash jar clean when growing and storing cannabis at home. It is best to sterilize whether it is a new or pre-owned stash jar before using. It will help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

You can clean your stash jar by soaking it in a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. You can also use an antibacterial cleaner.

An example of a cleaner with antibacterial properties is isopropyl alcohol. Just pour some of it into your jar and shake it.

Be sure to rinse the jar well after cleaning. You can also place it in the sun for a few hours to dry. Allow the UV light to kill any remaining bacteria.

When handling your stash, make sure that your hands are clean too. You do not want any contaminants in your weed.

If you notice any mold or other contamination, immediately discard the contents of the jar. Start fresh.

4. Cure Your Cannabis Before Storing It

Make sure to cure your cannabis before storing it. Curing helps to improve the taste and texture of cannabis. It also helps to preserve the cannabinoids and potency of the buds.

To cure cannabis, you need to dry it slowly. Store it in an airtight container, such as a stash jar.

The ideal humidity level for curing cannabis is between 60 and 65%. You can use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level in your curing jar.

It is also crucial to start the curing with a lower temperature and gradually increase it over time. It allows the cannabinoids to oxidize slowly, which leads to improved flavor and aroma.

The ideal curing temperature is between 70° and 80°F. Improper curing can cause your cannabis to lose its terpenes, cannabinoids, and color.

5. Remove Any Excess Moisture

Before storing your weed, remove any excess moisture from the jar. Too much moisture can cause mold.

Get rid of it by carefully removing the lid and applying a dry paper towel to the inside of the jar. Take care not to harm the plant by doing this.

Replace the lid after removing the moisture. Then store it back in its place.

6. Avoid Overfilling Your Stash Jar

Jamming your stash jar is a big no-no. Overfilling it can make it difficult to close the lid. It can also cause moisture buildup and mold growth in your cannabis.

Fill your stash jar no more than three-quarters full. It allows the buds to circulate and keeps them from becoming overly moist.

If you pack the buds too tightly, they can generate too much heat. It can degrade the potency of the THC. Additionally, tightly packing cannabis can cause it to mold or mildew.

If you have a lot of excess cannabis, you can store it in multiple stash jars. This way, you can keep some for immediate use and some for long-term storage.

7. Keep Your Stash Jar in a Cool, Dark Place

One of the most vital tips for using a stash jar when growing recreational cannabis at home is to store it in a cooler, darker place.

Cannabis plants need darkness to grow. Storing your stash jar in a dark cupboard or drawer will help keep your plants healthy.

However, if you are growing cannabis outdoors, keep your stash jar in a shady spot. Keep it out of direct sunlight because it can cause the plants to dry out and die. Heat can also cause a loss of potency and flavor.

Moreover, do not store your stash jar in a refrigerator. It will dry out quickly and lose potency if the temperature drops too low.

Add a moisture-absorbing packet to your stash jar if you live in a humid area. It will absorb excess moisture and help keep the cannabis at the perfect humidity.

Keep in mind that cannabis is a sensitive plant. You need to check the humidity levels in the jar periodically. Add more water to the packet if needed.

8. Date and Label Your Stash Jar

Labeling your stash jar is essential for several reasons. First, it helps keep track of what is in your stash jar and how much of it you still have. It will ensure that you are using the right strain for your needs.

Second, it will help you remember when you stored it and for how long. It is vital to ensure that your cannabis is still fresh when you use it.

Lastly, labeling your jar will help you monitor your progress. Through this, you can see how your cannabis is growing over time.

Additionally, be sure to date your jars when you start to grow cannabis at home. It will help you keep an eye on when you need to change your grow medium or add more nutrients.

If you plan to sell your weed, put the strain’s name, harvesting date, and THC content on the label. It will avoid confusion among the buyers.

You can keep your growing operation organized by dating and labeling your jars. These will give better results.

9. Take Out Only What You Need

When ready for a smoke, open the lid and get a small amount of cannabis from the jar. Do not take out more than you need, as this can lead to waste.

Be mindful of how much you smoke. You do not want to deplete your supply too quickly.

Once you have taken the amount you need, put the lid back on fast. Always prevent the stash from drying out.

10. Handle the Buds Gently All the Time

A good rule of thumb when handling your cannabis buds is to be as gentle as possible. Avoid touching them with your bare hands as much as possible. It is best if you use gloves or other tools.

The more you handle your buds, the more likely it is to lose their trichomes. Trichomes are tiny crystals that cover cannabis plants and produce cannabinoids that make them so potent.

You can easily see these crystals with the naked eye. They are responsible for cannabis’s frosty appearance.

When storing cannabis in a stash jar, inspect it regularly for trichomes. These crystals are very delicate and can easily fall if mishandled.

Enjoy Your Home-Grown Cannabis

There is something special about smoking weed that you grew yourself. It can be gratifying to see your hard work pay off.

Store it properly to ensure the ultimate freshness of your cannabis. Use a stash jar and follow these simple tips to get the most out of your cannabis.

Now go forth! Enjoy your weed in peace, knowing that it is fresh and well-protected.

Do you still need more tips? Check out our other articles to find a more helpful guide.

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