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10 Signs of Hail Damage on Your Home

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Hail is one of the most damaging types of weather. In the United States, hailstorms cause an average of $1 billion in property damage every year.

Hail can strike any area of the country. It can leave a massive hole in the roof of your home or car, as well as dings and dents in your car. If you’re unsure about whether you have hail damage, take a look at these ten telltale signs.

1. Hail Damage on Roofs

Inspect the shingles for any cracks, chips, or gouges. Look for granules on the ground where the roof is located, which indicates that the roof has been aging faster than expected.

You should seek out a reputable residential roofing contractor that has experience in identifying hail damage and can provide roofing techniques for you.

2. Damage to Gutters and Window Panes

After a hail storm, it is important to assess any signs of hail damage to your gutters and window panes. This can be done by taking a ladder so you can reach and inspect each gutter and window pane for dents, punctures, or other signs of damage.

3. Dents and Dings on Exterior Metal Surfaces

Detecting dents and dings on exterior metal surfaces caused by hail involves looking at the surface with a flashlight. If the surface is completely dark, one can see the dimples caused by hailstone impacts.

4. Visible Hairline Cracks on Siding and Masonry

To check for cracks, use a good-quality flashlight and inspect each area of the siding and masonry. Look for cracks running horizontally, vertically, or at angles, and look in crevices or hard-to-see areas.

5. Wood Parts for Splintering and Delamination

Splintering is when cracks form in the wood, allowing parts to separate. Delamination occurs when the wood’s layers start to separate.

6. Paint Damage

Depending on the severity of the hailstorm damage, it may must a complete repainting of the home. The hail can damage the surface of the paint and create holes, cracks, and chips in the paint, along with removing the glossy finish.

7. Damage to Exterior Trees, Plants, and Fencing

Heavy hailstorms can break tree branches and leaves, damage trunks, and cause plants to be uprooted. Hail can also wreak havoc on fencing and landscapes, breaking wood, vinyl, and other materials.

8. Patching Holes

Patching should be done using a product specially designed to patch larger holes created by the hailstorm. It is important to ensure that the patching material is applied properly and completely covers the hole and surrounding areas.

9. Doors With Damaged Frames

If the frame, or any part of the door, is damaged, it can be difficult to fix and can lead to long-term problems. Some of the common issues associated with hail damage to door frames include warping, dents, and chips, which can make the door less effective in its sealing ability, increase noise and air leakage, and even cause pest control issues.

10. Damaged Outdoor Furniture

Dust, dirt, and dirt particles get embedded in the furniture and create a layer on its surface. The most common damage from hail dents, which range from shallow to deep, usually appears in abundance on furniture pieces.

Better Keep an Eye Out for Signs as Soon as Possible

If you have noticed any potential signs of hail damage or any potential threats to your property, be sure to call a local roofing or home contractor as soon as possible and take advantage of their services. Taking preventive measures helps to avoid long-term complications when dealing with hail damage.

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