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10 Ideas to Create Outdoor Indoor Living Spaces

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Your backyard has the untapped potential to be an extension of your living room. You can host parties, have dinner with your family, and relax in the fresh air if you give your backyard, patio, or deck a nice renovation.

The best part is that it doesn’t always require you to perform an extensive renovation. In many cases, choosing the right furniture can make all the difference. Of course, you can completely remodel your backyard if you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation.

No matter how you want to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather, you can create outdoor indoor living spaces that look as if it was ripped from the pages of a design magazine.

1. Conversation Area

A space where you can sit and talk with friends and family is a must when it comes to an outdoor living room. You’ll want to create a dedicated zone with comfortable seating.

Be sure to provide various options like sofas, loveseats, armchairs, and chaise lounges. You’ll also want to have coffee and side tables for people to place their drinks, food, or other belongings while they’re sitting.

When choosing outdoor furniture, consider durable materials that won’t rust or rot and will stand up to the element, so you won’t have to worry about replacing furniture from season to season.

2. Create a Fire Feature

Don’t stop using your outdoor space because it’s getting cooler outside. You can create a fire feature, so you can enjoy outdoor living at night or on cooler days.

Consider adding a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor living room to help heat up the space. Not only will the fire feature add some warmth, but it’ll also create a cozy feeling that you’re sure to enjoy.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a must for anyone who loves to entertain. Whether you like to have family over for summer barbecues to enjoy hosting friends, an outdoor kitchen makes entertaining much more exciting.

Add the appliances that coincide with what you like to cook. A grill and pizza oven are two standard pieces for an outdoor kitchen. A refrigerator can also be beneficial for keeping ingredients cold before cooking.

Many people also opt to add a bar or wine fridge to an outdoor kitchen for easy access. Plus, the addition of a sink will make cleanup a breeze.

4. Open Up the Wall

What better way to create outdoor indoor living spaces than by removing the barrier between them? This doesn’t mean you have to knock down the whole wall but making the two spaces flow easily into each other is a great idea.

Consider adding large French doors or sliding doors to open up the indoors to the outdoors. This will allow you to open up the space and walk freely between the two.

You can also create a large window that opens the interior to the exterior. Set up stools to create a small bar area. Or use this as a pass-through window to pass ingredients or drinks from inside to outside.

5. Create Some Shade

On those beautiful sunny days, you want to be outside, but you also want to protect yourself from the sun. Add shade on all the zones you’ll be spending time in to make being outside more enjoyable.

Add a pergola or patio umbrellas over your dining or relaxation space so you can be outside even at the hottest point of the day. If you don’t mind renovating, add a cover or roof to your deck or patio.

6. Dine Al Fresco

Eating outdoors is one of the best parts of the warmer weather. Create an area to dine out in the open air. A large dining table to fit everyone and comfortable chairs that allow you to linger at the table.

Be sure to add a cover over the table, so the sun doesn’t make the eating area doesn’t get too hot. It’s a good idea to keep the dining area close to either an outdoor or indoor kitchen to make it easier to bring out food or carry in plates.

7. Leafy Folliage and Bright Blooms

Leafy plants can make a space feel more beautiful and visually interesting. Consider potted plants to add some color and texture throughout the space. Vining plants can also be a fun addition. Allow the vines to climb up a trellis or a support post to give your outdoor area a jungle feel.

Colorful flowers are also a great addition to an outdoor area. Use pots and planter boxes to add brightly colored blooms all around a deck or patio.

8. Make a Place to Relax

Have an area that’s meant only for relaxing. Whether you like to sunbathe or read with a glass of lemonade next to you, a comfortable area where you can slow down outside is ideal.

Choose a chaise lounge where you can lay back and relax outside. Or a hanging chair or porch swing that would be perfect for a lazy weekend or evening.

9. String Up Lights

Enjoy the outdoors, even at night, by adding lights throughout the outdoor space. Hang string lights over the backyard that mimic the look of the starry night sky. Small lanterns around the seating and dining areas will add a cozy glow.

If your backyard space is covered, consider adding a ceiling light or chandelier. Exterior wall sconces on posts or on the exterior wall of your home are also great ideas.

10. Soft, Cozy Details

Bring some of the comforts of home into your outdoor space. Adding pillows, rugs, and blankets will go a long way in making an outdoor area feel like an extension of your home.

They’ll add color and texture to the outdoor space. The softness will allow you to relax outside for as long as you please.

Outdoor Indoor Living Spaces

An outdoor area should be just as beautiful and comfortable as the indoors. When the weather is beautiful, you don’t want to spend the day cooped up inside, wishing you were in the fresh air.

Combat this by creating outdoor indoor living spaces that allow you to relax and entertain. With these ideas, you can transform a deck, patio, or backyard into the serene space you’ve always wanted.

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