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10 Common Pests You Might Find in Your Home (And When to Call Pest Control)

Did you know that about 14.8 million people report dealing with pest issues in their homes each year? Whether it’s roaches or rodents, pests are no fun to deal with and are most certainly not a welcome guest in your home.

There are many different common household pests that might invade your home, depending on where you live. Knowing what they are can help you understand what to look for and when to report an issue.

Continue reading to learn about ten common pests to keep an eye out for.

1. Flies

Fruit flies and house flies are both common indoor pests you’ve likely seen hanging around before.

It’s commonly known that fruit flies like sweet things, hence the name. But they also are drawn to decaying meat, trash, and garbage disposals. Likewise, House flies are attracted to decaying meat, but they also seek out smelly things like trash and feces.

Neither of these pests will cause you harm, but they’re annoying and breed quickly. So if you notice them around, it’s best to call pest control before it gets too out of control.

2. Ants

Ants are attracted to any food source. That’s why you most often find them in the kitchen. Unfortunately, once one ant knows there’s food to be found, it lets all the other ants know, and that’s when the real problems begin.

Most types of ants won’t cause you any harm, but there are certain kinds that will bite or sting. So no matter what type of ant you have, calling for help to get rid of them will most likely be necessary.

3. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are typically brought inside by attaching themselves to your clothes. If you have bed bugs, it’s essential for you to call a pest control service like the one found at whyubugginpest.com because they spread easily and can cause allergic reactions from their bites.

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are less common in homes than other types of pests mentioned here, but it’s obvious when you have a problem.

They’re attracted to warm areas and fermented foods, so finding them inside your packaged food is likely. The issue is they lay waste in your food and on the surfaces in your home.

They can spread disease as well, so it’s good to get them out as soon as possible.

5. Spiders

Many people are afraid of spiders, so they don’t hesitate to call one of their local pest control companies when this pest rears its ugly head.

Even if you aren’t afraid of them, it’s still better not to have them around. How come? Certain species have bites that can be extremely dangerous for humans.

They also create webs that dirty your home and multiply exceptionally quickly. It doesn’t take long for them to take over your house, pushing you out and even killing your plants along the way.

6. Mice

Mice are a big problem. They can poison your food when they get into it, destroy things within your walls, or worse. Plus, they can chew up electrical wiring that’s not visible, posing a fire risk in your home. So if you see a mouse, call for help ASAP.

7. Rats

Rats and mice are similar, but rats are typically bigger and heavier. They can also be more aggressive and are more likely to bite than mice.

They also carry diseases that can easily spread to humans through touch or food. Packrats specifically are known to steal things to hide away, including car keys and other valuable items.  It’s best to rid your home of them immediately.

8. Bees

Bees are common, particularly in the spring and summertime when the weather is nice and they’re out collecting pollen.

If you end up with a nest in your yard, under your porch, etc., it can be a dangerous situation. If the nest is agitated, they will swarm and sting whoever is nearby.

Call pest control to assess the situation and safely remove the nest rather than trying yourself to avoid getting hurt.

9. Hornets

There are several different kinds of hornets. In general, you should be wary of any kind. But Yellow Jackets, in particular, are essential to watch out for.

They have potent stings and can sting multiple times without dying. Don’t get too close to inspect any nest on your property. Let the experts come and assess and handle the situation based on their findings.

10. Fleas

Fleas often enter your home from one of your pets, but they can also become a problem if you bought old furniture or had them transferred to you from someone else carrying them.

This is why if you get fleas, it’s important to call a professional because the problem might be larger than you think, and it might not be contained to your pet.

Flea bites are typically nothing more than a slight annoyance, but at times they can spread potentially fatal diseases.

Keep an Eye Out for Common Pests

It’s important to keep a close eye on your home and surrounding property for these common pests or signs they might be around but out of sight. The sooner you notice an issue and call for help, the easier it will be for pest control to take care of it.

Once they’re gone, you can enjoy your home without worrying about them once again!

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