{about nichelle}

Why Hello Friends!

I'm Vintage Wanna Bee, but that's not my name, hah, my name is Nichelle.
It's like Michelle, but with an "N".

Here's a little about me:
My favorite color is green... even though... I do love ALL things girly.
I'm 5'7, a red head (yep, it's natural) and I adore my freckles.
I'm a 20 something year old college student studying Social Work to be a Grievance Counselor.

I love Disney Princesses, walks on the beach, Singing, Dancing, Lacrosse, Vintage, Ice Cream, reading, silly friends, fluffy pillows, and creating and using my imagination. 
 I love my faith, family and friends.

You may want to know...
The reason I started blogging was because I was in a serious sledding accident...

I broke 8 ribs, 3 bones in my back, dislocated my left hip and damaged my right lung in every way imaginable. I had to have a surgery on my hip, during which the Doctor accidentally cut my sciatic nerve, so currently my left ankle/foot/ness is paralyzed. 

I blog about my recovery, staying optimistic, strengthening faith, and pushing through obstacles that life throws at you. I have decided I won't let any of life hardships paralyze me from reaching my full potential as a daughter of God, and a woman of faith.
Isn't life is wonderful?


On my blog, you can also find tons of tutorials and crafy inspiration!
I also love to share with you my passion for Vintage and thrifting!

But, mainly my blog, is about sharing who you are, and loving the "crazy" that we each have, staying positive through hard times, and strengthening faith.

I belive that everyone should LOVE themselves. Even if they are a "wanna bee".
Sometimes, its okay to be silly, it's okay to be you!
Because YOU are fabulous!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC and BEE-UTIFUL day!!


P.S. I also own a little handmade shop.
I think it's pretty fabulous. Feel free to check it out sometime.